Our Friends / Partners

District 95 European Toastmasters  Connect through Diversity.

Toastmasters i Skandinavien  Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Borås Toastmasters Our Bilingual Sister Club much focused on personal development.

Gothenburg Toastmasters A English speaking club open to new ways to communicate.

Malmö Toastmasters A Club focused on both Communication and Leadership and stepping out of the box.
Språkverkstäderna Ulrika Axelsson Föreståndare/ansvarig för språkverkstäderna på Linköpings Universitet, som samarbetar nära med oss.

Talakademin / The Speech Academy A group for people with speech impariments such as stuttering. We have started to use each other’s different resources and to benefit from them. A very interesting corporation.

Sensus Studieförbund Linköping Our very important partner regarding ordinary meeting venue, resources and coffee.

Horse & Hound  We in Linköping Toastmasters have often special meetings to challenges us extra and here we have a special contract with the pub, Horse and Hound.