Presidents summary: Toastmaster year 16/17 Best year ever (So far)

In 2012/13, my first year as president, we in Linköping Toastmasters Club became the Best Educational Club in whole Continental Europe (our district). YES we were a club for Communication and Leadership, but in practice we were using old management thoughts where the few were managing the many. Nevertheless, in the first successful year we could motivate all using rewards and must of all role models.

We did a huge mistake the first year however, we didn’t stabilize the changes so the second year we lost a lot of energy in uncertainty focusing going beyond our ordinary structure. And the club membership went from 20 to beneath 10 members.

It was time to use all our focus and passion to survive. We needed to find ourselves again going from management to individual thinking something we’ve been doing ever since by:

A. Doing existing things better

  • Communication
  • Leadership

B. Do things different

  • Extra Care, develop the individuals making people feel trust and thereby growing

Result LTC (2016/17)

Club Growth

We earned 9 Competent Awards on 9 ingoing members (1 C. Award/member), as same as the former best year 2012/13. At the same time, we got a net growth of our membership by 80 % which increased our members count from 9 to 16.

Organizational Growth

True learning organization change from old thinking (Cognitions), I described, to Cognitions led by a leader who cares about the group and creates the possibilities for needs of the group.

We have begun a total transformation called “Servant Leadership” which places the members first. This is achieved by helping the members to reach their full potential through improving their self-confidence and focusing on their individual growth.

Individual Growth

That transformational change has led to an enormously living organism in our club built on the huge individual growth in all our members:

  • New personal communicating skills, speaking from their hearts.
  • Empowered Leadership making people want to try their own capacity.
  • Strong commitment and needs.
  • Extra caretaking and trust of others and yourself
  • Networking and organizational competence

Future aspects?

  • We have stabilized the structures, something we missed 2012/13, and it has given us a strong platform based on building elements.
  • We are also having a very competent team led by our new President Robert and with other passionate and skilled officers in this team, finding new approaches which will involve us in inspiring progress.

Thanks everybody for your combined efforts making us flourish once again both together but also as individuals, calling the Toastmaster year 2016/17 “Our best year ever (So far)”.

I would like to end my final rapport with this video, made by Aruna, showing our clubs’ open atmosphere.

Trevlig Sommar!




Every year, Toastmasters International arranges a speaking competition to select the World Champion of Public Speaking. Last year, Darren Tay Wen Jie won the prestigious title with the speech in the film clip below. Contact us and join one of our meeting if you would like to learn many of the skills that Darren makes use of to empower his speech.

May 10, Dear Fellow Toastmasters!

Dear Fellow Toastmasters!

On May 10 we had a regular meeting with a lot of fun. In which I was honored to serve as the general evaluator. Here is the evaluation report.

The theme for this meeting was March on, that is, toastmaster journey is marching toward a better communicator and a better leader.

Today we had three special guests, it’s very important for everyone having a chance to make a brief self-introduction. So, before the meeting, our Toastmaster Chun-xia wrote several basic questions on the blackboard in advance, which would be easier for our guests to do this concisely and clearly. As toastmaster Chun-xia could give a very clear description at the beginning for each section and also at the end Chun-xia could make a short summary, which would help us to better understand the speaker’s opinions. Besides, Chun-xia always used appropriate transitions from one section to the next. That kept the meeting to be more consistent in what we wanted to do. Chun-xia’s performance was perfect as toastmaster.

For the word of the day, Simon led us to learn a new word – fidget, which means a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion. Simon explained the word very clearly, so everyone might use it properly. Good job Simon and everyone.

For the speeches and evaluations, on the meeting we had three prepared speeches. All of the speeches were very well prepared. The topics are also very interesting. The three speakers, Johan, Amy and Robert, made very good presentations with clear ideas. And the corresponding evaluators, Joyce, Fengling and Nicky, could evaluate the speeches objectively and give some constructive feedbacks and suggestions on what that would be improved. All of the speakers and evaluators did a great job.

After the coffee break, it was time for table topics. It was hosted by Lasse. Lasse did a great job because he could give all of our guests a chance to be the table topic speaker, which can encourage them to actively join the meeting. And our guests, Simon, Peter and Danielle presented very well.

Timer Peter could accurately keep track of the time for each section, really good report from Peter.
For the role of the grammarian & Ah-counter, it’s a pity that we skipped this part. I suggested that we should distribute the role to those who had experience.

Finally, I would like to thank Johan and Aruna who brought their own cameras to take some beautiful pictures for us.

In a word, everyone did a great job on the meeting. Thank you all for a nice regular meeting.


General report for Toastmaster meeting held on 25th April 2017

Guest: Simon
Members: Lasse, Aruna, Silvia,Kaihong, Robert, Amy
The meeting was held in a very beautiful Tuesday afternoon 18:00 at Census. We had guest Simon attending together with other 6 members. The toast master of this meeting was Lasse.

The meeting started with a very warm welcome introduction from our chairperson Lasse, followed by an around-the-table introduction from each member. In this meeting, our toastmaster Lasse tried to incorporate new ideas to the structure by including a workshop. The theme of the night was “visualizing your dream”. During the introduction session, Lasse has fewer ar and pause between sentences, the whole speech is very smooth.

After introduction, it was the choice of the word by Sylvia. She chose the word “border”. She then further explained the word “border” with her interpretation as boundary and limit. Thoughtful and profound questions were asked around the table for this chosen word. For example, Lasse was asked “what is the positive effect of this word”, Kaihong received the question from Lasse that “Is the Great Wall in China build as a border?” Aruna was asked by Kaihong “What do you think of border control”. Other meaningful questions were such as “Do you like to have the border between people?” and “What would you react if the border between people would be removed? Happy? Or not happy?” Each of us shared our opinions and it was a very fruitful sharing discussion.

The only speaker of the day was Lasse. He was scheduled to deliver an entertaining speech, titled ”Serendipity – Reaching your personal WOW effects”. Aruna as his evaluator prepared a list of questions for each of us to answer regarding our opinions about Lasse’s presentation. This was a very different evaluation method from previous meeting, as each of us was participating in the process.

After the break, it came the workshop. The topic of this workshop was “visualizing your dream” in resonance with the theme tonight. Lasse inspired us to think about our dreams, asked us to write down our most desirable dream on a piece of paper, and shared it later on the table topic round. As each of us has so many dreams, it is difficult to pick one and share. On the ground, we had a discussion on what dream is considered a dream, and the difference between dream and goal.

Finally, a general evaluation of the meeting concluded the night. Amy was the general evaluator appointed by the toastmaster. She conducted the evaluation such that each present member and guest has to point out one thing that you like most about the meeting today, and the opinion should not be repeated. Below is the summary of all the mentioned plus points of the meeting:
1. Sylvia likes the spontaneous part of the meeting.
2. Kaifeng likes the theme of the meeting
3. Aruna is impressed by Lasse’s performance as several roles in a meeting (toastmaster, speaker and workshop conductor)
4. Robert likes the opportunity present in the meeting that he can learn from everyone.
5. Simon likes to know about other’s opinion and dreams
6. Amy likes the change in the structure
7. Lasse likes the participation by each member. The meeting would not be a success if everyone is not participating as it was tonight.

In conclusion, this meeting was very successful in terms of overall participation and innovation in the structural change. Well done! Lasse!

Amy – the General Evaluator of the meeting

Really old Toastmasters

This is a message from our dear fellow member Anton Popiolek while on holiday:

Apparently toastmasters have a very long tradition here in Georgia, where I am on vacation.  They often propose toasts in verse, I’m told.

This one is a replica of a statuette more than 2500 years old, in a street in Tbilisi.

Hope to see you all soon,

Thank you for your message Anton. We’re all miss you and hope to see you soon,
Linköping Toastmasters Club via Webmaster Johan Dahlin.



Summary of the meeting Feb. 28th

On the last day of February, Linköping Toastmasters Club continued to shine as always.

Toastmaster Fenling welcomed everyone to the meeting especially to our guest of the day, Christoffer. The meeting then started with a short self-introduction of each member.

In the warm-up session, Daniel presented word of the day “Singularity”. What is singularity? In short, it’s when machines become more intelligent and have greater capabilities than human. Many of us appreciate new technology brings us better and more convenient life, however, people truly believe that communications and interactions between human are still irreplaceable.

Aruna, the first speaker took the opportunity to make a financial announcement as he is the treasurer of the club. Toastmasters International has increased membership fee 50% which Linköping TM club should follow to avoid too much financial burden. Thanks to Linköping TM club’s generosity to all members, the fee is increased 23% instead.

2nd speaker, Daniel stood in front of the audiences and apologized for not preparing good enough. “Vocal Variety”- then we realized that Daniel was doing role play to present his topic “Fear means go”. FEAR can be interpreted as “Forget everything and run” and “Face everything and rise”. The choice is yours, fear means go.

3rd speaker, Johan talked about “Addiction about social media” by asking “what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?” Browsing facebook! He then shared sources that people spend 40 minutes per day on FB in US. What if people do something more meaningful than that everyday instead of looking on the good sides of people on social media then feel themselves miserable? Social media addiction can be as serious as smoking and drinking.

Thanks to Fenling prepared us nice fika cake, then we continued to table topic hosted by Amy. She invited our guest Christoffer and member Aruna to share their international views on what kind of resources from their home countries help to excel their careers. Christoffer thinks that Sweden is definitely a perfect country for technology industry and Aruna pointed out that Sri Lanka is a great platform on software development.

Then we had three professional evaluators Chunxia, Lasse and Aruna to give constructive advices to the speakers. Christoffer presented a great time report and Johan was the grammarian.

In the end of the meeting, Nicky promoted for the next meeting on Mar. 15th and hoped that everyone can come and join us.

Thanks to everyone and Toastmaster Fenling, it was absolutely a great meeting.

Nicky Roberg, General Evaluator of the night.



General evaluator report 15 February 2017

award-amyThe toastmaster Daniel Franzén opened the meeting by setting the mood for tonight’s meeting by presenting ideas from the book 7 habits of highly efficient people: that as individuals we need to take charge of our own lives and what words we use as the words have a powerful impact on our lives.

With a smooth transition Johan Dahlin presented the word of the day: responsibility. First he presented the definition of the word responsibility from a dictionary, thereafter sharing his own definition of the word responsibility and then the rest of the attendants shared many different aspects of the word responsibility.

1st speaker out was Johan Dahlin and he presented the bad inner voices everyone has and knows about: the inner critic and the pessimist. He further introduced practical advice and methods to take control of the voices.

2nd speaker out was Joyce Chow and she was speaking about mental models. She explained why mental models are relevant and what mental models can be used for: to change human behavior and interaction for the better and for advancing human efforts and transcending limits.

3rd speaker was Amy Xin with her ice breaker speech. She introduced herself with her roots in southern China and the move to Singapore and lastly the move from the eastern world of Asia to the western countries Germany and Sweden. She shared her thoughts about the contrast between west and east in terms of everyday life and work life and shared delightful pictures showing her exciting life.

The 4rd speaker Chun-Xia Du held a speech to honor her friend Feng Ling Zhang. She shared the birth and growth of their friendship and some of the adventures they have experienced together. She ended the speech by showing the immense gratitude and appreciation she has for Feng Ling Zhang.

5th speaker Lasse Mattson held a speech about leadership and the importance of the leaders values and that the actions of a leader inspires. He further presented the abilities of a good leader as defined by the leadership literature published by toastmasters.

The toastmaster Daniel provided much appreciated dessert during the break.

After the break Robert, Aruna, Feng Ling and Anton presented their evaluation of the speeches held during the evening, providing potential areas of improvement and the far more many good things each speaker showed during their speeches.

Amy Xin was presented with ice breaker award for conducting her very first speech in Toastmasters Linköping. Congratulations!

Afterwards, Aruna, Alice and Art presented time management, grammar check and general evaluation for the evening.

Lasse then announced information regarding the next meeting regarding speakers and roles to be filled.

Finally Toastmaster Daniel thanked everyone for their participation and the wonderful evening.

Yours sincerely,
Art Valindore, general evaluator of the evening.

General evaluator report 31 jan 2017

The second Linköping Toastmaster Club meeting in 2017 was another great and friendly meeting with a lot of interesting speeches!

The toastmaster Lasse opened the meeting in a different and interesting way by hiding the agenda, dimming the lights and telling a very personal story. The club then took a small step in the digital transformation when Robert introduced a new technical solution for signaling the meeting times to the speakers with digital color LED-lights controlled by a remote control!

Joyce gave us the word of the day which was ”Audacity” and the different stories about uses of the word was very interesting.

During the evening we had four prepared speeches. First off was Aruna who talked about how important it is to be likable. Art gave an inspiring speech about the importance of being a good listener when you are a leader, which we all are in different situations. The third speaker was Johan who talked about how he has to make a hard choice, maybe stepping out of a comfort zone. The forth and last prepared speech was Daniel who talked about filter bubbles and media consumption.

At the coffee break Lasse had brought two different and tasty cakes! Highly appreciated!

Art was the Table Topics Master of the evening and did this in a really nice way by arranging a story telling game where the participants told a story containing the words Art wrote on the whiteboard.

The evaluations by Fengling, Kaihong, Chun-Xia and Johan were all very positive and still kindly pointing out improvements to all the speakers. Kaihong facilitated a network evaluation together with Amy, Jeanette and Robert who gave good feedback on Art’s speech. 

Robert presented the timings and Jeanette gave extensive statistics about ah’s and a lot of other filler words.

Daniel was the general evaluator and also introduced the theme for next meeting: Be in charge of your life!

Lasse ended the evening by again dimming the lights and continue the story he started at the beginning and eventually command us to seize the day – Carpe Diem!

It was all in all a great meeting

Best regards and see you at the next meeting!

Daniel Franzén, General Evaluator 31 jan 2017