Club Board

Board Members

 Robert_Fotor Robert Lindohf
 Aruna1113_Fotor  Aruna Gunatilake
Vice President of Education
 Nicky_Fotor Nicky Chu
Vice President of Membership
me_cropped Joyce Chow
Vice President of Public Relations
 Chunxia_Fotor Chunxia Du
Amy_Fotor Xin Zhang (Amy)
 Lasse_Fotor Lasse Mattsson
Sergeant at Arms
 Lasse_Fotor Lasse Mattsson
Past President

Vision of the Board

As an active member of Linköping Toastmasters Board I’ve taken the next step reaching my potential. I will grow into a person who will achieve my dreams while challenge myself by helping others achieving their dreams.

Board Meetings

The Board isn´t just for closed for an elite, like everything in Linköping Toastmasters it is an eye opener for everybody trying their wings as guests, board guests. Come to visit a board meeting and get amazed. Our Board meetings are every second month just after the ordinary meeting for one hour.

Agenda (Next Meeting)

This can be seen around 2 weeks ahead of the meeting. If you want to add any point just mail our President .

Meeting Minutes (Earlier Meetings)

This is our digital archive of the meeting protocols