Presidents summary: Toastmaster year 16/17 Best year ever (So far)

In 2012/13, my first year as president, we in Linköping Toastmasters Club became the Best Educational Club in whole Continental Europe (our district). YES we were a club for Communication and Leadership, but in practice we were using old management thoughts where the few were managing the many. Nevertheless, in the first successful year we could motivate all using rewards and must of all role models.

We did a huge mistake the first year however, we didn’t stabilize the changes so the second year we lost a lot of energy in uncertainty focusing going beyond our ordinary structure. And the club membership went from 20 to beneath 10 members.

It was time to use all our focus and passion to survive. We needed to find ourselves again going from management to individual thinking something we’ve been doing ever since by:

A. Doing existing things better

  • Communication
  • Leadership

B. Do things different

  • Extra Care, develop the individuals making people feel trust and thereby growing

Result LTC (2016/17)

Club Growth

We earned 9 Competent Awards on 9 ingoing members (1 C. Award/member), as same as the former best year 2012/13. At the same time, we got a net growth of our membership by 80 % which increased our members count from 9 to 16.

Organizational Growth

True learning organization change from old thinking (Cognitions), I described, to Cognitions led by a leader who cares about the group and creates the possibilities for needs of the group.

We have begun a total transformation called “Servant Leadership” which places the members first. This is achieved by helping the members to reach their full potential through improving their self-confidence and focusing on their individual growth.

Individual Growth

That transformational change has led to an enormously living organism in our club built on the huge individual growth in all our members:

  • New personal communicating skills, speaking from their hearts.
  • Empowered Leadership making people want to try their own capacity.
  • Strong commitment and needs.
  • Extra caretaking and trust of others and yourself
  • Networking and organizational competence

Future aspects?

  • We have stabilized the structures, something we missed 2012/13, and it has given us a strong platform based on building elements.
  • We are also having a very competent team led by our new President Robert and with other passionate and skilled officers in this team, finding new approaches which will involve us in inspiring progress.

Thanks everybody for your combined efforts making us flourish once again both together but also as individuals, calling the Toastmaster year 2016/17 “Our best year ever (So far)”.

I would like to end my final rapport with this video, made by Aruna, showing our clubs’ open atmosphere.

Trevlig Sommar!



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