May 10, Dear Fellow Toastmasters!

Dear Fellow Toastmasters!

On May 10 we had a regular meeting with a lot of fun. In which I was honored to serve as the general evaluator. Here is the evaluation report.

The theme for this meeting was March on, that is, toastmaster journey is marching toward a better communicator and a better leader.

Today we had three special guests, it’s very important for everyone having a chance to make a brief self-introduction. So, before the meeting, our Toastmaster Chun-xia wrote several basic questions on the blackboard in advance, which would be easier for our guests to do this concisely and clearly. As toastmaster Chun-xia could give a very clear description at the beginning for each section and also at the end Chun-xia could make a short summary, which would help us to better understand the speaker’s opinions. Besides, Chun-xia always used appropriate transitions from one section to the next. That kept the meeting to be more consistent in what we wanted to do. Chun-xia’s performance was perfect as toastmaster.

For the word of the day, Simon led us to learn a new word – fidget, which means a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion. Simon explained the word very clearly, so everyone might use it properly. Good job Simon and everyone.

For the speeches and evaluations, on the meeting we had three prepared speeches. All of the speeches were very well prepared. The topics are also very interesting. The three speakers, Johan, Amy and Robert, made very good presentations with clear ideas. And the corresponding evaluators, Joyce, Fengling and Nicky, could evaluate the speeches objectively and give some constructive feedbacks and suggestions on what that would be improved. All of the speakers and evaluators did a great job.

After the coffee break, it was time for table topics. It was hosted by Lasse. Lasse did a great job because he could give all of our guests a chance to be the table topic speaker, which can encourage them to actively join the meeting. And our guests, Simon, Peter and Danielle presented very well.

Timer Peter could accurately keep track of the time for each section, really good report from Peter.
For the role of the grammarian & Ah-counter, it’s a pity that we skipped this part. I suggested that we should distribute the role to those who had experience.

Finally, I would like to thank Johan and Aruna who brought their own cameras to take some beautiful pictures for us.

In a word, everyone did a great job on the meeting. Thank you all for a nice regular meeting.



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