General report for Toastmaster meeting held on 25th April 2017

Guest: Simon
Members: Lasse, Aruna, Silvia,Kaihong, Robert, Amy
The meeting was held in a very beautiful Tuesday afternoon 18:00 at Census. We had guest Simon attending together with other 6 members. The toast master of this meeting was Lasse.

The meeting started with a very warm welcome introduction from our chairperson Lasse, followed by an around-the-table introduction from each member. In this meeting, our toastmaster Lasse tried to incorporate new ideas to the structure by including a workshop. The theme of the night was “visualizing your dream”. During the introduction session, Lasse has fewer ar and pause between sentences, the whole speech is very smooth.

After introduction, it was the choice of the word by Sylvia. She chose the word “border”. She then further explained the word “border” with her interpretation as boundary and limit. Thoughtful and profound questions were asked around the table for this chosen word. For example, Lasse was asked “what is the positive effect of this word”, Kaihong received the question from Lasse that “Is the Great Wall in China build as a border?” Aruna was asked by Kaihong “What do you think of border control”. Other meaningful questions were such as “Do you like to have the border between people?” and “What would you react if the border between people would be removed? Happy? Or not happy?” Each of us shared our opinions and it was a very fruitful sharing discussion.

The only speaker of the day was Lasse. He was scheduled to deliver an entertaining speech, titled ”Serendipity – Reaching your personal WOW effects”. Aruna as his evaluator prepared a list of questions for each of us to answer regarding our opinions about Lasse’s presentation. This was a very different evaluation method from previous meeting, as each of us was participating in the process.

After the break, it came the workshop. The topic of this workshop was “visualizing your dream” in resonance with the theme tonight. Lasse inspired us to think about our dreams, asked us to write down our most desirable dream on a piece of paper, and shared it later on the table topic round. As each of us has so many dreams, it is difficult to pick one and share. On the ground, we had a discussion on what dream is considered a dream, and the difference between dream and goal.

Finally, a general evaluation of the meeting concluded the night. Amy was the general evaluator appointed by the toastmaster. She conducted the evaluation such that each present member and guest has to point out one thing that you like most about the meeting today, and the opinion should not be repeated. Below is the summary of all the mentioned plus points of the meeting:
1. Sylvia likes the spontaneous part of the meeting.
2. Kaifeng likes the theme of the meeting
3. Aruna is impressed by Lasse’s performance as several roles in a meeting (toastmaster, speaker and workshop conductor)
4. Robert likes the opportunity present in the meeting that he can learn from everyone.
5. Simon likes to know about other’s opinion and dreams
6. Amy likes the change in the structure
7. Lasse likes the participation by each member. The meeting would not be a success if everyone is not participating as it was tonight.

In conclusion, this meeting was very successful in terms of overall participation and innovation in the structural change. Well done! Lasse!

Amy – the General Evaluator of the meeting


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