Summary of the meeting Feb. 28th

On the last day of February, Linköping Toastmasters Club continued to shine as always.

Toastmaster Fenling welcomed everyone to the meeting especially to our guest of the day, Christoffer. The meeting then started with a short self-introduction of each member.

In the warm-up session, Daniel presented word of the day “Singularity”. What is singularity? In short, it’s when machines become more intelligent and have greater capabilities than human. Many of us appreciate new technology brings us better and more convenient life, however, people truly believe that communications and interactions between human are still irreplaceable.

Aruna, the first speaker took the opportunity to make a financial announcement as he is the treasurer of the club. Toastmasters International has increased membership fee 50% which Linköping TM club should follow to avoid too much financial burden. Thanks to Linköping TM club’s generosity to all members, the fee is increased 23% instead.

2nd speaker, Daniel stood in front of the audiences and apologized for not preparing good enough. “Vocal Variety”- then we realized that Daniel was doing role play to present his topic “Fear means go”. FEAR can be interpreted as “Forget everything and run” and “Face everything and rise”. The choice is yours, fear means go.

3rd speaker, Johan talked about “Addiction about social media” by asking “what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?” Browsing facebook! He then shared sources that people spend 40 minutes per day on FB in US. What if people do something more meaningful than that everyday instead of looking on the good sides of people on social media then feel themselves miserable? Social media addiction can be as serious as smoking and drinking.

Thanks to Fenling prepared us nice fika cake, then we continued to table topic hosted by Amy. She invited our guest Christoffer and member Aruna to share their international views on what kind of resources from their home countries help to excel their careers. Christoffer thinks that Sweden is definitely a perfect country for technology industry and Aruna pointed out that Sri Lanka is a great platform on software development.

Then we had three professional evaluators Chunxia, Lasse and Aruna to give constructive advices to the speakers. Christoffer presented a great time report and Johan was the grammarian.

In the end of the meeting, Nicky promoted for the next meeting on Mar. 15th and hoped that everyone can come and join us.

Thanks to everyone and Toastmaster Fenling, it was absolutely a great meeting.

Nicky Roberg, General Evaluator of the night.




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