General evaluator report 31 jan 2017

The second Linköping Toastmaster Club meeting in 2017 was another great and friendly meeting with a lot of interesting speeches!

The toastmaster Lasse opened the meeting in a different and interesting way by hiding the agenda, dimming the lights and telling a very personal story. The club then took a small step in the digital transformation when Robert introduced a new technical solution for signaling the meeting times to the speakers with digital color LED-lights controlled by a remote control!

Joyce gave us the word of the day which was ”Audacity” and the different stories about uses of the word was very interesting.

During the evening we had four prepared speeches. First off was Aruna who talked about how important it is to be likable. Art gave an inspiring speech about the importance of being a good listener when you are a leader, which we all are in different situations. The third speaker was Johan who talked about how he has to make a hard choice, maybe stepping out of a comfort zone. The forth and last prepared speech was Daniel who talked about filter bubbles and media consumption.

At the coffee break Lasse had brought two different and tasty cakes! Highly appreciated!

Art was the Table Topics Master of the evening and did this in a really nice way by arranging a story telling game where the participants told a story containing the words Art wrote on the whiteboard.

The evaluations by Fengling, Kaihong, Chun-Xia and Johan were all very positive and still kindly pointing out improvements to all the speakers. Kaihong facilitated a network evaluation together with Amy, Jeanette and Robert who gave good feedback on Art’s speech. 

Robert presented the timings and Jeanette gave extensive statistics about ah’s and a lot of other filler words.

Daniel was the general evaluator and also introduced the theme for next meeting: Be in charge of your life!

Lasse ended the evening by again dimming the lights and continue the story he started at the beginning and eventually command us to seize the day – Carpe Diem!

It was all in all a great meeting

Best regards and see you at the next meeting!

Daniel Franzén, General Evaluator 31 jan 2017


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