GE-report 17/01 2017

We have started the new year 2017 with another stunning meeting at the Linköping Toastmasters Club!
The toastmaster of the evening was Jeanette who opened the meeting with a warm welcome.
Anna, Emy, and Awan were our new year guests of the day.
The first item of the agenda was “Word of the day”, and it was presented by Anna in style. We learned a lot about the word “optimal” during that session.
After it was started the exciting prepared speeches.
First Joyce has done a fantastic speech on “How to sell your idea in a meeting”. Then Robert presented a great speech on “How to tame your monkey mind”. After that, Daniel delivered a lightning speech on “Strategic and operational steering – why CxO level management needs architects”.
Thereafter we had the coffee break.
After that Daniel was hosted the “Table topics master” session. The metaphor of the session was “Appreciative Inquiry”. In that session, Emy showed, how great story teller she is.
Also, Anna and Awan presented two creative and insightful table topic speeches.
After our president, Lasse presented two awards to Robert and Joyce for their tireless leadership given to the Club.
As the Final episodes Time Keeper Report and AH counter /Grammarian report were presented by Emy and Joyce respectively.
The entire meeting was a friendly start for the new year.

Regards and see you at the next meeting
General Evaluator 17 Jan 2017


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