GE-report 23/11 2016

The atmosphere was high as usual. We were visited by two nice new guests. We hope that you will join us and become new members in our club. Thanks Johan for excellent toastmaster-roll. I noticed that you before the meeting explained to the guests how meetings work and that we had a presentation round for them, so that they felt welcome.
Tonight’s “word of the day” was “empathy”, a very good choice of word. In our fast-changing world we need to practice more empathy and also that we need to try harder to listen to each other. Being a good listener is also an art in itself.
I myself feel that I have been more focused on what I should say more than to be a listener. If you are listening, you can also ask questions and thus get to know the other person more.
Tonight’s speech took us crisscrossing through various themes. It is really fun to listen to the amazing stories you all contribute.
So different content in tonight’s speech, but I could still tie them together with some common words. Words that struck me during the evening was: empathy, listening, sleep, focus, rest, break, play, cleanout and rhetoric.
From longing to find a bed in a hotel, through the dream of castles, to sleeping in the car. But fortunately the car was not a lousy old British car (which we talked about at the meeting before). Further daring to play, “24 games” and “Stroop effect”. Then return to “sleep or not to sleep” and its benefit to the body and head lymphatic systems. Remember that sleep and breathe gives more oxygen to the brain.
Finally about persuasive rhetoric with bad purpose versa Toastmasters amazing rhetoric with good purpose. Rhetoric as rhetoric, yet with so different outcome.
Good evaluations as usual. You are all good at highlighting the positives of the speakers and to give constructive feedback in a way that makes me as a speaker gladly embrace it and want to work on developing and learning new skills.
Table Topic reflected well the evening’s theme being empathetic and listening.
The entire evening’s meeting was a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Regards and see you at the pub next meeting
General evaluator 23 Nov 2016


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