Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters

Toastmasters Linkoping meeting November 8, 2016

The theme of the evening was ‘Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters‘, which was accidentally ironic: at Linkoping Toastmasters you don’t need to be brave to start a conversation that matters.

The meeting had a packed agenda, with six speeches from a mix of new and experienced members. Some quirky graphics showed us how to turn a fruit tree into a desert, (or was it the other way around?). We learnt that some old British marques of cars are still treasured here in Sweden; an important thing about decay; and that Kings & Queens should be making a comeback. Peter Pan was there, though not in green tights, with some cherry blossom. We learnt that one of us showed promise as a kick-boxer before deciding on a scientific career; one of us can be dared to do (almost) anything; and where Peter Pan has a pain.

As usual, evaluations of the speeches were done in a positive and encouraging manner.

We welcomed our 15th member, Art, who earned his Icebreaker banner for his first speech from his assigned mentor, Li.

Some small technical glitches with timekeeping were ascribed to Captain Hook’s nemesis, the Crocodile, having swallowed the clock. Nicky chaired the meeting as Toastmaster, in a friendly but terrifyingly competent way. I must be brave enough to start a conversation with her one day….

Anton Popiolek


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