A spontaneous meeting

The meeting yesterday offered a lot of interaction and discussions about many different things. The Toast-madame for the evening Joyce guided us through the evening together with a design theme. Joyce is passionate about product design and gave us some insights about the connection between design and the Toastmasters Club. During the meeting, we welcomed a new guest Art to our club and were all amazed of how quickly he felt at home and started to contribute to the meeting.

Alice started the meeting by introducing “user” as the word of the day. Many interesting discussions followed about the role of the user at our workplaces as well as our own role as a users of different products and/or services. The agenda then offered four prepared speeches. The first speech was part of an educational session where Nicky told us about how to use tools from marketing and business development to recruit and retain members in our club. She skillfully applied the knowledge obtained during her studies to offer us a professional and insightful discussion on the topic.

Johan continued the meeting by discussing how our fear of death can be used to form useful habits, to clarify our ambitions and make to make daunting decisions a bit easier. Aruna offered his insights about what problems underlie failures in big software projects. He highlighted that unclear project goals were a large contributor to project failures, something that many in the audience could identify with. Finally, Kaihong told us how the cunning of one man to use straw boats to borrow arrows resulted in the victory of an important battle, which turned the tide of a war and started the three Kingdom era in Chinese history.

Li gave us an amazing topic for improvised discussions (known as table topics) when she asked the audience about what we talk about with strangers. She discussed the topic together with Art, Chun-Xia and Jeanette, which resulted in some good and practical suggestions. The evaluation part of the meeting resulted in an inspiring and constructive spontaneous networked evaluation (multiple persons taking part in evaluating a speech) about Kaihong’s speech. Finally, we concluded the meeting with a networked general evaluation, which resulted in some points that could improve future meetings.

Overall, it was an amazing night and the good guidance of Joyce together with a good theme for the evening resulted in one of the best meetings yet during this term. The next meeting for the Linköping Toastmasters Club is on Tuesday November, 8 at 18:00. The theme for the meeting is centered around the quote: Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters by Margaret Wheatly and then Nicky will serve as the Toast-madame for the evening. Welcome!

Johan Dahlin
General evaluator


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