The courage to listen

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Our Toastmaster for yesterday’s meeting, Robert, kick started the meeting theme “Listening”, particularly relevant in the current political climate.

We welcomed 3 guests – Danilo, Athanasios and Tongwei who jumped right in and actively participated in the night’s meeting, even giving spontaneous 2 minute “Table Topic” speeches as part of Johan’s workshop on setting effective goals that are process oriented rather than outcome oriented.


Lasse stepped in at the last minute with an inspiring Word of the Day: “Grit” – guts, courage, tenacity, and the determination to persevere even when it is tough. Normally the Word of the Day gives everyone a chance to warm up in an easy way, but the evening’s roundtable sharing ended up being very deep and revealing.

The main speakers of the evening: Aruna unveiled our new website Our newest member Alice presented a thought-provoking and personal Icebreaker speech which made me reflect a bit as to how well do I really know myself? Anton provided useful and entertaining advice on how to recognize and deal with different types personalities of coworkers, but also in your partner (Red, Green or Blue?). Our speakers received constructive and encouraging feedback on their speeches where Alice was evaluated by her new mentor Johan (and Anton got 4x the value with a networked evaluation by Chun-Xia, Lasse, Aruna and Alice). Thanks to our guest Danilo for providing a detailed, accurate (and data oriented!) Timekeeper’s report.

Overall a very inspiring evening!
/Joyce, your General Evaluator of the evening


Everyone is welcome to our next meeting on Wednesday October 26 at 18:00, where the theme for the evening is Design, Creativity & Toastmasters! We have 2 spots for speeches available, or you are welcome just as an observer if you wish.
/also next week’s Toastmaster Joyce


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