A Rising Club

– The Linköping toastmaster journey moves on with a tremendous force.

The toastmaster meeting hold on 2016-09-28 could not be better! It challenged me to summarize it in the best way. This meeting consisted of a high quality educational speech, a well prepared speech and an experienced icebreaker speech, a guest (a new icebreaker of next meeting), totally 11 highly involved and enthusiastic participants.

Thanks to Aruna, the toastmaster of evening. He opened meeting warmly with showing a specially made microphone by his lovely kid, then went briefly through the agenda. The whole meeting went smoothly and effectively. He has become a skillful chairman!

I did like word of the day Nicky presented, “aptitude”, meaning an inherent ability. We learned each other’s aptitudes. Does everyone still remember who has the aptitude in music, technic, honesty, brave altitude, mathematic, sewing, bringing people together, introvert thinker, and who admires aptitudes of having empathy, being patient, a quick thinker? According to Nicky, most importantly, we need both aptitude and passion to achieve our goals.

Toastmasters eager to learn anything about speech. Robert delivered an educational lecture “your speaking voice”. We highly appreciated for sharing his great knowledge on basic voice skills, voice and speech. This was just a beginning of a series of his talks. When comes next?

After Robert’s lecture, Aruna did a direct practice of vocal variety with a speech title “Life and rythems”. He demonstrated that he mastered vocal techniques. He delivered a suitable topic combining a life with beautiful rythems, further balanced rythems. Very impressive speech!

The 3rd speaker Daniel surprised us with showing an icebreaker was actually an experienced speaker. We learned how he broke his principles to achieve the success, all starting from his aptitude in technic. I wish hear more about his entrepreneur journey!

Moreover, a table topic master Joyce together with her speakers, Li, Jeanette, and Lasse, performed a small workshop like discussion about impromptu speaking. Chunxia and Joyce tried their bests to evaluate Aruna and Daniel respectively. Li did a great timer report. Alice tracked our filler words carefully. Kaihong made a thorough and sincere general evaluation. Robert invited us warmly to the coming meeting.

In a word, we enjoyed such high quality and effective meeting with many aspects toastmaster requires. We learned a lot from each other and we are getting closer and closer to each other. We are progressing together in a rising club!

Meeting summarizer

Chun-Xia Du


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