A meeting about habits

Once again a very successful meeting at the Linköping Toastmasters Club!

The excellent toastmaster of the evening, Kaihong, opened the meeting with a very welcoming smile. We had two new guests this evening, Daniel and Alice, so we spent a little extra time in the beginning explaining the different roles in a Toastmaster meeting. This was a great exercise for all of us, and the guests got a good introduction to the upcoming meeting.

Second item on the agenda was The Word of the day. Johan was responsible for this, and his selected word was “Habit”. We asked each other questions about our habits, for example “What do you want to make into a habit in your life?”. That’s a tough question to answer without any time to think. But everyone did a great job answering the questions and made use of the word “habit”.

Then we where all very excited to hear Anton’s Ice breaker speech! “Mining for me” was the title, and Anton took the whole room back 40 years in time and to the gold mines in South Africa. Anton did an excellent job presenting his well prepared speech.

After a cup of tea in the break, we had a double session of “Table topics master”. Lasse started and the theme of his table topics was “Stop, think, and speak from the heart”. Everyone that was called to participate in Lasses table topic had to describe and promote their original home towns. How interesting to hear about four places in different countries!

Next Table topics session was led by Nicky. Her theme was the “21 days myth” which began as a misinterpretation of Dr Maxwell Maltz’s work on the self-image and habit formation. Maltz did not find that 21 days of task completion forms a habit. People wanted it to be true so much so, however, that the idea began to grow in popularity. This was yet another interesting table topic, and one of the speakers, Chun-Xia, had the advice to live in the present and enjoy the moment more. I think that we all could benefit from that!

Thank you all for a great meeting and see you again in two weeks. New guests are always welcome!


The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

The second meeting of this year was filled with continuous inspirations followed by the successful new beginning. With warm welcome to our quest visitor, Joyce Chow, we also wanted to thank Joyce for hosting “Word of the day” session with this inspiring word – curious.


Word of the day – Curious

Life is too short to squander precious time on boredom. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. We shared things we were curious about, our behaviors to it and how we used the power of curiosity to grow stronger. Tonight was definitely a night that no one could sense boredom, not even a second.

The wonderful meeting continued with several outstanding speeches led by Lasse, Robert, Aruna and Johan. Lasse taught us that a true leader is whom makes every individual the most important of all. Robert shared his personal experience of why he joined Toastmasters twice. Aruna delivered a thought about making dreams a reality. Here we would like to especially elaborate Johan’s knowledgeable topic of “comfort zone”. How we could use this comfort zone circle to set our goals according to our current abilities and potentials.


Table topic – Comfort zone

Let’s start with “automatic” which means things we do without even thinking about it. Gradually the circle extends to “everyday activities”, “comfort zone” and “other comfort zone”. The further it spreads out, the more challenging it will become for us to achieve. By checking on comfort zone circle, we could examine ourselves and set our goals in a different way.


Automatic-Everyday activities-Comfort zone-Other comfort zone

Tonight was another educational and inspiring night that everyone learned from each other’s vision and knowledge. Thanks toastmaster of the night, Jeanette, and all the members. We all walked out of the meeting room with plenty of enrichment, confidence and motivations.

Meeting summarizer
Nicky Chu

The next meeting is Sept. 13th. Welcome to join us and find your curiosity!

Thanks for a great meeting. To be the toastmaster for the evening is “easy” when supported by all of you nice members. The speeches were very interesting and inspiring, good subjects and content, and also excellent performance. Well done everyone. Special thanks to Robert and Johan who brought cakes for the coffee break. And Joyce, hope to see more of you now that you are back.”
Toastmaster of the night, Jeanette