Summary Toastmaster Meeting 160816, amazing start-up of this Toastmaster year

160816 Mentor Mentee Aruna Johan

Welcome to this year’s first meeting with Fengling as a very colorful Toastmaster.

I would like to start by sharing what the first time guest, Anton, wrote when he described this meeting:
“Thanks for the evening and the welcome. I enjoyed it a lot and will be back as soon as I can. Lovely bunch of people and a very nurturing atmosphere. I’ll work on the Icebreaker….”

Thank you all for the contribution you gave at this start up meeting setting the bar at such a high level. You were all amazing and did really challenge yourself and spoke from a dedicated heart using a lot of passion and energy, you didn’t give up you gave it all you had J

With Johan’s Icebreaker speech we in Linköping started a new routine as his Personal Mentor to be, Aruna, also was his first evaluator awarding him the Icebreaker welcoming symbol building the bound between Mentor and Mentee.

Hope to see you all again next meeting where we will raise the bar even further having Jeanette as Toastmaster.  Choose any role you like.

Warm Welcome Wednesday the 31st!

PS! Linköping Toastmasters is a living organism where we share things that matter with people that matters to us in a very special environment who believe in each other and our dreams and therefore making each other very involved, wanting to take more and more responsibility. The first three meetings have therefor an overall theme, to make every member be even more involved and take a little bit more part than they did last amazing year. For instance, hold a speech during this period, invite a friend, etc. We promise you want regret it a second.

160816 Chunxia Awarding Lasse and Fengling


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