Letting new buds burst, developing new potentials

Pict 1603_Fotor

Summary 12th of April “Letting new buds burst, developing new potentials”
This evenings Toastmaster were Kaihong, who had created a very buds bursting program for us participants. First out was Fengling with Word of the day, the very suitable word Potential.
Then it was time for the Prepared speakers. First out was Li with her first speech, The Icebreaker, a speech where she Introduced herself to fellow club members. Next speaker was Lasse giving an Entertaining story about his SWIM Icebreaker up in the north.
After the break Daniel was first time Table Topic Master inviting participants and making them comfortable. First speaker was Lasse who talk about what he would do with the world. Second out was our Guest Gustav who told us about what superpower he wanted. Last was Li.
Then it was time for feedback: First out was the speech evaluators.
Aruna evaluated Li in a very interactive, explaining his reflections. Lasse had the fortunate to have a network evaluation led by Chunxia but giving Gustav, Li, Aruna and Daniel a chance to be involved and giving a lot of comments to build on for the future.
We always try to involve our guests as much as possible, therefore Gustav was Timer an excellent timer this evening. Aruna was Ah-counter/Grammarian (new approach). Finally, Chunxia did a great summary of the meeting as General Evaluator. Chunxia took her time and was sure to interact with every person making them feel unique.
Notice that tonight we had 8 buds bursting (people tried new roles).
Hope to see you Wednesday the 27 of April when Daniel is doing his debut as meeting Toastmaster and implementing his ideas in corporation with our others involvement that will be amazing.
“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right cause everything you want is on the other side of fear.”


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